Steven Tyler, Presdent Operation Warm Interested in knowing how Operation Warm came to Pennsbury?  Here’s the story…

It all came into focus for me one winter evening in 2010.  At the time, I was organizing a food drive for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK).  After collecting bags of food from neighbors and friends, I delivered the food to TASK – and what I experienced while there provided the incentive I needed to start this effort.

I was feeling excited about the food I had just delivered to the soup kitchen and was getting ready to head home when I noticed my surroundings.

The soup kitchen has specific times to eat and pick up meals and I happened to be there just before a meal pick-up time. There were groups of people walking toward the building, and it seemed that families were coming from all directions. It was freezing outside, and while I was warm in my winter coat, hat and gloves, I noticed that some people, including young children, didn’t even have coats on despite the frigid temperature.  At that moment, the content feeling I just had from delivering food to help those in need left me – I could see that these people needed more.

I believe people have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate than themselves and I was committed to making a difference. Operation Warm was my answer.

Operation Warm is a national organization that provides brand new coats to children in need. Working together would culminate my philanthropic efforts to include teens, teachers, administrators and local businesses. More people working together means more money and more new coats.

So I contacted Mrs. Stephanie Cohen, President of Operation Warm Marketplace, and she guided me through the organizational steps I needed to bring this great non-profit group to the Pennsbury School District.  She even explained that the money our group raised could be used to help children in need right in our own community!  Then I got my math teacher, Mrs. Letukas, to sponsor my efforts at the high school so I could launch Pennsbury Operation Warm as my Graduation Project.

Aside from just keeping children warm, she explained that according to school nurses and social workers, a child with a new coat is more likely to attend school, even on the coldest winter days.  This provides the child with greater access to education, after school programs and to school sponsored Free & Reduced Price breakfast/lunch programs.  Something as simple as a new winter coat can really make a difference in a child’s school year.

Raising money to give a child a NEW coat is empowering.  The funds we raise through Pennsbury Operation Warm will provide the gift of warmth to Pennsbury children in need.

Steven Tyler
Founder, Pennsbury Operation Warm